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Okay, so I’m an idiot


and didn’t bring home enough birth control pills to last me through the break. I’ll be running out about a week or so before I go back to school where I’ll have access to them again.

Sooo, if anyone can help me out here and answer a few questions…how much would it cost to get BC pills from Planned Parenthood or a pharmacy like Walgreens? And what are the side effects/consequences if I decide to just skip a week of taking pills and waiting until I get back to school?

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But eliminating Title X funding and putting Planned Parenthood out of the business of providing preventative health care to Medicaid patients is not about fiscal responsibility. It makes no fiscal sense to stop investing in programs that have a proven track record in saving money, and saving lives. Quite simply, without the care Planned Parenthood provides - without access to Pap smears, pelvic exams and breast exams - women will die. By Sen. John Kerry, Kerry: Money, lives and Planned Parenthood (via stfuantichoicers)

African-American women tend to have more chronic illness and disease. So in terms of having just basic health maintenance and well-woman care, when women get a general health assessment and exam, many things get discovered, like undiagnosed hypertension and diabetes and all of those basic primary health care needs. Usually, Planned Parenthood helps get that patient to someone who manages chronic illness. So 15 percent of our patients are African-American women. Many are often uninsured, and programs like Medicaid and Title X allow those women to have access to basic health screenings.

If they didn’t have Planned Parenthood, where they could come to be seen on a sliding scale, or where we might be the only agency in their region that takes Medicaid, or where many African-American women have their medical home, you are destabilizing the safety net that many people of color rely on. A hit on Planned Parenthood really becomes a hit for African-American women.

By Dr Willie Parker, Medical Director of Metropolitan Washington DC’s Planned Parenthood